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The major arcana The Chariot, is card number 7 of the tarot, and is the representation of success and power, control by wild passions and instinct for the human mind. The car is the superiority of the Self, this card announces the imminent victory over your enemies.

It is considered the most successful arcana , but the success that comes from constant, hard work is the arrival and reward of a path full of challenges and obstacles that you decide to travel, regardless of the adversities, success will be all yours.

In a tarot spread, the Chariot Tarot Marseille announces success over everything you decide to consider , it is time to do everything you have in mind since it is destined to succeed. Work, business, love, travel, moving, this letter announces success in the near future.


This arcane is represented by a man with a great overwhelming attitude who is mounted on a chariot, who has been conquering his fears and achieved absolute triumph over his adversaries. He is pulled by two horses, carried by the man's reins and in his right hand he carries a scepter which is a symbol of earthly power . It is covered by a canopy and blue curtains that symbolize spirituality and intelligence.

The horses are red and blue; the first represents strength and action, while blue is spirituality and intelligence, these horses are powerful and pull in opposite directions, which means that success is imminent and you have everything you need to achieve success while maintaining balance.

On his breastplate is engraved the work that must be accomplished in the natural, divine, and human worlds.

the car tarot card

Meaning of the Car in the Tarot

The meaning of the card will depend on the position it adopts during the roll since its meaning varies.


the car to the right

If in your reading of the tarot cards the chariot comes out straight this symbolizes willpower, determination and victory imminent. It is considered the letter of good omens that announces the success that allows you to open the doors of a new stage, a new beginning for the projects that you propose.

It is the total triumph over any situation you are going through. Announce new opportunities in the near future.

In love, the car shows a person who strongly likes you and who seeks to move forward with no intention of stopping, so you should think things over carefully before deciding start a relationship with this person, if you don't feel the same, it's not a good time to give it a go. In case of liking someone you should take the initiative and start courtship, it could mean the beginning of a relationship, it could also mean the arrival of old loves in your life.

When it comes to work, it announces the prosperity that goes hand in hand with commitment, dedication and total commitment that you must apply to your work. These efforts will be well rewarded. Solve all the disagreements and other details so that they do not get worse in the future. Avoid getting discouraged by any inconvenience, this energy could slow down your path to the success that is expected with the letter.

You enjoy good health and a lot of vitality, if you are sick a speedy recovery is approaching, avoid stress to avoid discomfort generated by this disease


the car inverted

When this card appears inverted, it announces the lack of control and that the direction you are taking is not correct. You are letting uncertainty cloud your senses and that makes you blame everyone else for your problems. You have an excessive desire to have control over everything and this is taking you away from reality. Keep calm and make her your ally to overcome all obstacles where we cannot always control everything.

You cling to a past that only wears out your energies and increases negativity in you, you begin to release tension, delegate tasks, begin to give up spaces that you do not need to control in order to overcome moments of crisis.

In love, it talks about an imbalance in the relationship due to your fault where you may be putting a lot of pressure on your partner or that you are neglecting them, it represents the stagnation of the relationship. It does not symbolize a rupture but problems that in the long run could affect coexistence.

You lose your way, demotivation covers the path to success, ideas or projects are not being well worked on resulting in a total failure of the project. Begin to correctly express how your project is based so that others can understand it.

Announces relapse in people with chronic diseases, for those who want to start a change in their habits they should do so gradually to avoid collapsing their body, avoid travel since they can put your health at risk.