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The number four tarot card is the perfect counterpart of the Empress, it is a masculine influence that represents leadership, self-discipline, authority and stability. The Emperor's tarot card is an extremely positive card and is a harbinger of progress in life's situations.

It marks a strong influence to assume greater responsibility as well as herald changes or losses that require greater responsibility.


The emperor's letter has a forceful meaning, which broadly speaking, represents authority and solid foundations.

This card is represented by a monarch wearing a white cape that symbolizes his experience , which has been granted for his long years of experience and is worth listening to because he has seen the consequences of each one of his actions.

The arid mountains behind him are the representation of the harshness of life. His throne is decorated with four ram's heads, they are symbols of intellectual heights, determination, initiative, leadership.

In his right hand he carries an Ankh , which is the Egyptian symbol of life, and the sphere he carries in his left hand represents that world that he rules. The orange background and the red dress are symbols of the passion and energy of life and the challenges it offers.

the emperor tarot card

What does the Emperor card mean in the Tarot?

It is arcane number 4 in the tarot, which has a forceful meaning because in broad strokes it represents authority and solid foundations. Likewise, it is valid to emphasize that depending on the position you have, it will mean the future of positive or negative events.


the emperor to the right

The emperor symbolizes everything that is material and that has been acquired through the resources and capabilities of each individual, and the knowledge that have been learned in each life experience. If it comes out correctly, this letter speaks of the joy of the achievements obtained, fortune smiles on you and your enjoyment. He also speaks of the dominance of the mind over the heart.

In general terms, The Emperor is the representation of the attitude or personality of the individual, and announces the appearance of a man in your life, it could be a partner job, father or any other father figure.

Also ask to discuss a man's romantic interest, despite a big age difference. It reflects a type of man who is heavy-handed but who is of great help to determine that each one has his place and that this must be done. 

Demonstrates a perfectly controlled situation run by someone who knows what he wants, understands how to achieve it, and gets it immediately. In general, it shows an individual of high rank, with a solid social position in terms of material matters and each of the decisions he makes are confident, dominant and absolutely unquestionable.

At work, the emperor, indicates that your work efforts will bear good fruit, and you should pay more attention to the organization and thus be able to obtain magnificent results. If you are unemployed and looking for a job and you do very well in the interview, it is possible that the recruiter will be seduced. Get ready to take control, the reins of a team, department or management where you must assume a leadership position to guide an entire team. Announce more committed and absolutely planned jobs.

In health it represents a moment of strength and vitality for the enemy. Order and discipline are absolutely useful when dealing with a health problem and to recover immediately.

In love, the emperor is a card that announces a relationship based on material and sexual aspects and emotions are put aside. If the attraction is reciprocated, it is likely that it will increase with the passing of the days.


the emperor inverted

Like all tarot cards, when they come up inverted they have a totally opposite meaning, in this case, the emperor upside down is a symbol of domination, excessive control with despotic attitudes and rigidity . It alerts you that you are paying more attention to feelings than to what your logic says.

Try to strike a balance between feelings and logic to avoid future upsets. It also shows that it is possible to have difficulties with concentration and focus, therefore, it is necessary to focus on all of the objectives that are set in life to achieve them with resounding success.

In this case, the presence of the older man could be to disagree with everything you are considering, the ideal is not to despair, you can listen to him and have a point of different view.

At work you can show loss of power or move for the wrong interests. So the ideal is to surround yourself with an absolutely legal work team that follows all the instructions to the letter to avoid future errors.

In love, it announces great doubts regarding how to act in relation to the person you are with or would like to be with.

This is a good time to ask for outside help with finances and find someone to help you get organized better, who is good with logic and methodical procedure when it comes to financial management.