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The first card of the tarot is that of the magician and it is one of the cards with the most symbolism among all the others. The central figure of him is represented by a magician with his hand pointing to the sky and his other hand pointing to the ground, it is interpreted as if he dreams of being up and down. 

A complete interpretation says that the earth represents heaven and God, the outer world reflects the inner, the microcosm, and the magician is the individual with the ability to act as an intermediary between the upper world and the earthly world.

The Magician tarot card represents absolute power with the idea that he has all the power in his hands, and the ability to choose between all options. He is the young man with drive and energy, with the ability to start over as many times as necessary.


The number one tarot card, the magician, is associated with the planet Mercury and is the representation of new beginnings, marked by new opportunities. The position of his hands, one pointing to the sky and the other to the earth, represents the connection he has with the spiritual and material realms, which he uses to his advantage to manifest his goals in the physical realm.

He wears a white tunic that is a symbol of purity, accompanied by a red cloak that has to do with experience </ strong> and mundane knowledge. The Magician is a being who has all the tools to manifest what you want and his true intentions, this is represented by the table in front of him, where the four symbols of the tarot suits: a cup, pentacle, sword and a wand, which are the elements of water, fire, air and earth.

The infinity that is above his head, accompanied by a snake wrapped around his waist, which is biting its tail, signify access to unlimited potential. The flowers and foliage that accompany it are symbols of the flowering and fruition of his ideas and his intentions.

the wizard tarot card

What does the Wizard card mean in the Tarot?

The Magician tarot card is a very comprehensive representation of the convergence of earth and heaven and how they interact through a mediator.


the wizard to the right

If this card appears this way in your card reading, this could mean that it is time to tap into your full potential without hesitation. Here it could be referring to a new company, a new position, a new job, a new love or something else.

It is time to act with purpose and convincingly, any doubt could prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself. It is time to make the correct decisions to bring change to your life and thus be able to create that ideal world that you so desire.

As a master manifestor, he provides you with the tools, resources, and energy necessary to make your dreams come true. Everything you need is at your fingertips; the spiritual (fire), physical (earth), mental (air) and emotional (water) resources to manifest your desires and when you combine them with the energy of the spiritual and earthly realms, you become a manifestation powerhouse.

It's time to establish a clear vision of what you really want to create and why you want it that way, before you start setting goals and charting a path. Money should not be the reason to undertake or make a decision, you must have a connection from the soul with your goals and intentions.

Announce that it is time to align your creative Self with your daily actions so that you can create the future you want.


the wizard inverted

This card in this position announces that the time has come to make big changes in your life, which must start with you. When this card appears upright, it represents true power, while when it is inverted it speaks of deception, of that illusion that magic creates.

It warns you that you are being attracted by an illusion, but behind that good thing that is presented to you there could be an intention of manipulation to obtain any extra benefit. If this card appears in the reading, it could mean that there is someone who wants to benefit from what you are doing. This could also represent the current state of your emotions.

It mentions a possible obsession with power that you could experience, and that will lead you to make the wrong and reckless decisions that will lead you astray and this and a precipitous fall.

Reversed shows that you are exploring what you are wishing to manifest, but not yet taking action. You're not sure if you have all the tools and resources you need and may be unsure how to go about it.

Greed is represented by this card when it comes out in an inverted way, deceit, manipulation. Always keep in touch with your higher self so that you avoid acting for your benefit at the expense of others.