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Card number 13 of the tarot is the Devil's card that represents the material desires that all men have. They represent vices, lust, the consummation of sins, low instincts and excesses in each one of them.

Among tarot readers, The Devil is the card that represents the dark side that hides within your being; they are the lowest passions, fears, intrigues, discords and all those destructive behaviors that are dominated by the devil, and man's constant struggle to dominate them.

Suffering, additions, masochism, sexuality, attachment to material things, are represented by this card, it is not governed by reason, selfishness is imposed under this domain.

Although this card represents human passions, it is not always linked to negative aspects. For example, when it comes out for money and business issues, it can mean great opportunities that will knock on your door, which can translate into a period of abundance that will allow you to explore new horizons.


As its name says, this card is represented by a winged demon, which for many means a wise fallen and evil angel, and for others it is a demon with the main purpose of spreading evil. evil. In his left hand he carries a sword which is a phallic and power symbol, while with his right hand he is saluting.

His bellicose helmet of his shows that whatever he wants he will take by force and this is the only way. At his feet are two imps that are chained and this speaks of the control you have over your instincts and the constant desire you feel to control them. The moon on it symbolizes the occult, destiny and the basic instincts of all beings.

the devil tarot card

What does the Devil card mean in the Tarot?

The meaning of the card will vary depending on the position it adopts, since the interpretation will be different, its meaning can also vary if it is combined with other tarot cards, changing its meaning completely even when it is upright.


the devil to the right

When this card appears vertically in your tarot spread, it is speaking to you about your lower self and its darkest qualities. It symbolizes that you are looking for a third party whom you will blame for all your problems without taking the responsibility that belongs to you.

At work, the devil's card is positive as it tells you about the passion with which you work, how committed you can be and alerts you that you are taking the wrong path to achieve certain things in business. He tells you that you shouldn't mix sex and love with business, as it will bring many negative consequences. New business opportunities are coming up and you will have to decide if it is worth the risks or not.

It is a good time to invest and make new businesses, close the contracts that you have pending and establish new strategic alliances. Always be smart to avoid people who want to scam you, don't spend money impulsively.

You are immersed in a passionate relationship where there are no feelings involved and where one of the two is usually the dominant one, alert you may be in a toxic relationship. It is a card that lacks affective power, any relationship marked by this card is plunged into chaos, it can reveal mistreatment towards one of the members of the couple, breakups are usually common, but it does not mean something negative, since it forms part of the process of change and adaptation of the individual.

In the area of health it is a good omen, since it announces a healing period, on the other hand, problems that affect the sexual area must be addressed, you can be a little uninhibited when it comes to eventual relationships, but you must have protected sexual relations as this will bring you serious ailments.


the devil inverted

The card of the devil inverted, unlike the rest, is a card of good omen, it talks about the detachment of old processes and situations that contaminated you your inner self. The liberation will give you access to those positive energies that you need to take you to a complete renewal.

The burdens are left behind, those that did not allow you to advance in any aspect.

As for work, it warns you that this is not the time to make new deals and if possible, stop all investments as it is not a good time to renew yourself at work nor invest in the market. People want to destroy you from the inside so it is recommended that you keep everything a secret until they are completely solid.

Possible scams are in your way so you should avoid lending money, making any investment, for the moment it is not recommended to make any type of unnecessary expense.

The passion and lust that filled your relationship has died down, there may be a romantic disappointment, the breakup ends the relationship, but on the other hand this will stop the fighting and problems with your partner. Put aside toxic people who contaminate the soul, allowing the liberation of the inner self.

Announces the relapse under a disease, there are also affectations at the sexual level, there is a risk of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.