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In the tarot, the justice card is a symbol of truth, justice and law. The main figure of him is a man with a scale in his left hand that represents how the institution should be balanced with logic. He is a symbol of impartiality with the double-edged sword in his right hand.

This card reflects the clarity of thought that must exist to deliver justice. Behind the crowned man sitting on a throne is a purple cloak and standing gray pillars. Beneath the red layer that is portal you can see the tip is a white shoe, which reminds you that all that comes are the results of your actions.


Justice is represented by a man seated on his throne, seated before a loose purple veil, symbolizing compassion. Between the two pillars similar to those of the High Priestess and the Hierophant, symbolizing balance, law and structure.

He is holding in his right hand a sword that symbolizes the logical and well-ordered mentality that is needed to dispense justice.

He wears a crown with a small square on it representing well-ordered thoughts and a red robe with a green cloak. A small white shoe sticking out from under his clothes as a reminder of the spiritual consequences of your actions.

the justice tarot card

What does the Justice card mean in the Tarot?

The justice card is one of the most explicit cards and, as its name indicates, its meaning has to do with the fairness of things and impartiality.


the justice to the right

Fairness, justice and truth are the main characteristics of this tarot card. When justice comes out in your card spread you are being called to account for your actions for which you will be judged accordingly.

It also reminds you that if your actions have been aligned with your highest being, then you have nothing to be concerned about, on the contrary, if what you have done is not in favor of the good for others, you will be asked to take responsibility for your actions.

Although it seems radical, the justice card is not black and white as it seems, there is a compassion and understanding that accompanies justice, so it also talks about if you repent, they will receive a fair and non-judgmental treatment. Prepare to take responsibility for your actions and be responsible for the resulting consequences.

If the person who is looking for justice to be done is you, then this card is a good omen, since justice will be enforced. You can be part of a legal case or await a final judgment from the courts or a major authority or institution. A ruling that will be transmitted shortly. Once the decision is made, it is important that you accept it and move on. There are no new trials or second chances with the vertical Justice card.

The essence of this card talks about the search for the truth and as you get to know it, you will discover that the truth is not as black and white as you originally thought.

It's time to be ready to explore the murky waters of what the truth really means to you. You must believe that what you believe is true and that it is fair and ethical. . It may not be as clear cut as you think, so be prepared to challenge yourself and explore new territory of your belief system.


the justice inverted

If Justice comes headlong attentive, suggest that you have done something that is not morally correct and that others probably do not know about it, it is time to choose whether to hide it and you wait for it to be discovered or you can acknowledge that what you have done is not right and take the necessary steps to correct the error and resolve the situation.

Whatever choice you make, you must learn to live with the consequences and it will be on your conscience, so choose the most appropriate one. In this way, you are being very dishonest not only with yourself but also with others and you are missing the deeper lesson because you are not willing to look beyond your own fears and ego.

Before doing so, it is time to evaluate the situation considering where you can accept part of the blame. Once you have accepted and recognized where you made the mistake, it is time to do what is necessary to correct it, since doing so frees you from any guilt or shame, which will lead you to make the best decision in the future.

Being reversed, it can indicate that your inner critic is in full force. He may be evaluating your every move and it's getting difficult when you make a mistake. If this resonates, start from a place of forgiveness and self-acceptance.

The time has come for you to show kindness and compassion, knowing that you are human and that everyone makes mistakes. From your conscience, thank yourself for being aware of them and eliminate internal judgments.

If you are making an important decision that will affect others, you should consider whether you are holding onto any prejudices or biases that might unfairly influence your decision. You may need to obtain more information to make a more balanced decision.