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Among the tarot cards is the high priest, which is card number 5, among all the major arcana. It is a symbol of energy, the interaction that exists between the mundane world and the divine world, acting as a bridge that connects the lighting of the inner being and the external world.


The priest is a wise man, due to his age and his experiences, who is seated on a throne that is located in front of three columns that are symbols of knowledge. On his head he has a triple crown that symbolizes the power of soul, spiritual and material. He uses his right hand to bless while with his left he holds the scepter of the three crosses; spiritual power and the power of knowledge.

In front of him, at the level of his feet, two monks prostrate themselves, waiting to receive his blessing; one of red clothes that symbolizes action and the one of black color that symbolizes submission. The scroll that the monks carry in their hands represents the acquired knowledge.

In some other tarot decks there are 4 petals that represent the 4 seasons of the year and the 4 cardinal points; this represents spiritual growth in a period of one year.

the priest tarot card

What does the High Priest card mean in the Tarot?

It is arcane number 5 in the tarot, which has a forceful meaning depending on the position it has, it will mean the future of positive or negative events.


the priest to the right

In this position the high priest symbolizes morality and duty, he is the scoop that you must do the right thing so that the path you choose is the right one. If you have any doubts about choosing the high priest, he will clear the way for you and clear up your doubts.

It is a letter that promotes customs, values, respect and traditions, at the same time, it defines the situations experienced as important and must be attended to as they deserve.

The priest in love means the flowering of a new relationship of one that is beginning, the universe is in your favor so that the union bears its fruits. A relationship that is based on traditional principles is destined for success, but this does not mean that the couple must be sure of success, they must put themselves in each other's shoes. If the person who is courting you is older, the priest announces that it is a good decision.

At work, he announces the arrival of a guide who will help you consolidate your job role, talks about the importance of teamwork and trusting our colleagues at the When it comes to delegating tasks, it is one that predicts the consolidation of achievements in joint work.

Money will reach your hands and business success will flourish, but everything can be tangible if you constantly work to improve and apply effective strategies, counting on the support from professionals who will make your path flourish.

Business requires you to be rational and down to earth and not just go by impulse, so you can run your business well.

For health you must be alert about possible problems that compromise our well-being, it is advisable to seek help from a medical specialist to address the problem in time.


the priest inverted

If this card appears inverted, it announces that you may be on the wrong path, you are defying the laws and society. You feel misunderstood by the people around you in all aspects, which may lead to problems with authority.

At work it symbolizes your dissatisfaction with the way work is being carried out due to mistakes made. The High Priest recommends being cautious and distrusting some co-workers , they could already put the job in jeopardy or they might not be fully engaging in the job.

There is dissatisfaction with your partner, the problems and monotony could be affecting your relationship and sinking it into the abyss, which could cause a breakup or infidelity in the future, you could solve if you seek professional help.

digestive system problems begin to appear, having to go to a specialist in the area, seeking help from natural medicine may be an option in the event that the medicine traditional has not given results.