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Card number three of the tarot, the Empress card, is the representation of femininity, and the power that women have. It announces abundance and is the protector of nature and, in turn, is closely related to creativity and genuity.

The Empress is the arcane that teaches the power of love, announces that it is time for it to flood your life, develop and grow in you. She is known for the power she has to love for the sheer pleasure of loving . She talks about perfect love and how it acts without thinking about love.

The Empress tarot card prevents the world from living in darkness and sadness as she is the protector and prophet of pure love, filling each life with feelings and emotions, joy , happiness and satisfaction.

The Empress is love and passion, since she has a strong sexual power, related to fertility. She encourages the woman to engage with her inner self, and the man to take the idle one during a courtship. She reveals the interest of one person for another, if she is in a relationship, she announces an infidelity.


The empress is a queen who is seated on her golden throne, surrounded by luxurious objects, all worthy of a queen. The age she represents is that of youth , ready to procreate . The scepter in his left hand is the Ankh cross and is the representation of life, the transformation of the cosmos and the essence of the individual, in turn symbolizes the earth as a creative force.

The scepter points to her belly, which represents a healthy woman with the possibility of becoming pregnant, in turn symbolizes the emotional sphere, harmony, love and balance, preserves the triumphant instinct of any individual.

The shield that she carries in her hand has a stitched eagle that represents determination , self-confidence and the self-affirmation of the goals and objectives of each individual. It is the search for constant power and the wisdom that you obtain, it symbolizes the power that the soul has to grow and rise.

The scepter and shield together represent power over the family, she is the head of the matriarchy. She reflects the noble origin of her blue blood so she has a great responsibility to society and family.

The blue tunic covers her red clothes that symbolize sexuality , erotic energy, sexual desires, the yellow of her clothing represents the spiritual energy that surrounds the letter and governs the order of the world.

the empress tarot card

What does the Empress card mean in the Tarot?

The Empress tarot card is the card of love and fertility, which also represents family, but its meaning varies according to its position.


the empress to the right

The Empress is one of the most powerful cards in the tarot, it represents femininity, beauty and sensuality . She is a symbol of nature and abundance. Announce that people will approach you to ask for your advice, to be nourished by your wisdom.

At work everything will be fine, everything will take the correct course that it must have for you to be successful, there may be a promotion at the door, a better job, a new opportunity to grow, you just have to let yourself be carried away by your inner voice and follow your instinct.

The meaning of the card in love symbolizes a perfect period for love, the time has come to open your heart, you are attractive to other people and they will not last in let you know, the sexual energy you radiate is irresistible and this will fill you with suitors.

For business people, it announces that it is the time to undertake, make an investment because abundance is on your side, but you must share your success so that it is rewarded by the universe.

A pregnancy in the relationship or in the family is approaching, if you are suffering from any disease the letter will symbolize a speedy recovery of health, in turn marking the right time to start a diet or start training to improve physical condition.


the empresss inverted

If the empress card appears inverted, it announces problems that could affect your abundance and productivity, something is blocking your talent and not letting it flow, it could be discontent that you can have regarding life. Be careful when choosing new paths.

At work, the matriarch reflects a disagreement about her own work , that she has to do more than anything with insecurities, which could prevent you from giving the best of yourself. you. In labor relations there may be some disagreements that do not become major.

In love, it announces some doubts about a relationship due to the appearance of third parties whom you consider to be good matches, if the relationship has gone through problems, it is most likely that they will fracture, on the other hand, sometimes this letter alerts us to possible infidelities, you must be alert.

In health there is nothing to worry about, only small symptoms that could be channeled by your inner self. You just have to listen to be alert. It is a letter in contact with the earth, so it calls for resorting to natural products to alleviate the ills that affect your body.