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Card number 17 of the arcana is the star, considered one of the most beautiful in the tarot due to its positive energy that will shower you with its fortune, if it comes out in your spread. It is a letter that fills you with hope and energy.

It is a symbol of beauty, luck, youth, it is the card of creativity and of communication. The star advocates values and feelings, creating a balance between the body, mind and spirit. It is the letter of mental power that will help clarify your ideas and get the solution to your problems.


This card features a totally naked girl who refers to revelation as the fundamental essence of being and carries two jugs in her hands

Kneeling on the bank of a river as a sign of movement. One of her jugs she throws into the river water and the other jug she throws on the ground symbolizing how the genotype of her ancestor integrates into the new being; at the moment the water from the jug falls into the river, and the content of the other falls on the ground.

At the top are 7 stars that represent the planets. It is normal that it symbolizes Hope.

the star tarot card

What does the Star card mean in the Tarot?

The meaning of this tarot card tends to change according to the position it takes after the spread.


the star to the right

When the star appears in a tarot reading it is a symbol of good omen, the most positive card that will mark the beginning of a new stage full of internal renewal , which will be projected into your life. Represents hope and serenity, the star will eliminate you in difficult times, prompting you to continue and charge yourself with the energies of the universe.

The end of the difficult times has arrived and fortune will shine for you, soon you will feel a new self-improvement that is part of a process of learning that you have been going through since recent times. It is time to recover your strength, hope and faith, leave behind all the negative thoughts that damaged your energy.

At work it symbolizes the possibility of promoting in your position, there is a period of personal and professional growth, you are a person committed to your work that stands out from the rest, this attract recognition from your superiors.

The time has come to find a job, a good job offer is coming up, which will bring good rewards, the energies of the universe are in your favor. It is a time of economic abundance for you, you can make investments or buy the things you need, it is time to enjoy everything you have earned.

If you like gambling, fortune shines for you, it is a good time to play as your income will increase. You will receive extra money thanks to the good deals you are about to do.

For love a period of harmony has arrived, for couples romance will flow like a river, there is the possibility of the arrival of a baby > to the family, for those single people the great love of your life is coming, just wait for it, open yourself to the possibilities.

Health marks the beginning of a period of full well-being, there is a balance of mind, body and spirit that will guarantee a good state of health for a long period, you have the enough strength to take on any challenge.


the star inverted

Unlike all other cards, the inverted star does not represent a bad omen but it lacks most of the attributes when cast correctly instead. It tells you about the lack of faith, you feel dissatisfied, sadness and desperation may take over you.

It is time to lift your spirits to consecrate that harmony and balance with your inner self, it may be that all those heavinesses are just a bad perception of things.

You are being irresponsible at work which is notoriously affecting your productivity, there are delays and doubts are frequent. It is time to replant clear goals and objectives, see the opportunities that you have in front of you.

A period of many expenses may be approaching for health reasons or because of a family problem. Prioritize expenses so you don't lose all the money you have saved. Do not place bets for anything in the world, fortune is not laughing with you at the moment.

When it appears inverted in love you must learn to let go of burdens, find yourself and open up to the world once more, there will be small inconveniences in the couple due to the lack of communication, but you have all the tools to overcome these setbacks, this letter does not announce a break, only small problems that can be solved by improving communication.

For single people it is necessary to come out of that shell and make themselves known, otherwise they will not find the right person in love.

In health you are somatizing certain problems that are affecting your body, for example stress. There is a feeling of constant tiredness, you feel that the energy leaves your body, but everything is in your head, to the extent that you understand this reality, it will be the first step to heal spiritually, achieving balance and harmony.