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The High Priestess tarot card is number two in the deck and is known as the great Popess, due to all the mysticism it represents, wisdom. She is the master of meditation and the strength of the subconscious . She is the great guide to direct the souls that seek to reveal the secrets of the cosmos.

It is known as the mystical card and with great lunar energy, which reveals the presence of universal secrets and is able to spot any threat that is nearby, and that could disturb your fullness. The letter of the Popess or Priestess is a warning to be alert to everything that the eye cannot see, which can only be perceived under the subconscious and spiritual energy.


The card of the Priestess is the representation of a mature woman and very beautiful, she is wise and prudent. She is seated between two columns that are called Boaz and is the one that symbolizes strength and Jakin represents justice ; the first colored denied with the initial "B" and the second white with the initial "J", the two columns are the representation of King Solomon's temple. These two columns are the pillar of wisdom since they represent the active forces.

The veil behind symbolizes purity, not only referring to the sexual, in knowledge and the spiritual, moving away from everything mundane that contaminates the world. You can also appreciate the blue sea that represents the creation and life and the human unconscious. She is the protector of the secrets of the world and of life, of the origin of everything, which is why she is the caretaker of the inner world of each one of the individuals, that's right. capable of protecting, with its power, these secrets that could mean the vulnerability of the being.

It is a feminine card and represents each stage of the woman in her life, which symbolizes the phases of the moon, waxing, full and waning, which correspond to the stages of the woman, maiden, mother and old woman, the tiara also bestows divine wisdom on knowledge.

The scroll that is drawn on the card is the Torah, which is known as Hebrew law, it represents the hidden secrets being revealed. Here he refers to the power that each person can have by accumulating knowledge and safeguarding it, and preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.

the priestess tarot card

What does the card of the Priestess mean in the Tarot?

Each card has its own meaning and at the same time each position represents different situations, so it is important to know how to differentiate which position it is in.


la sacerdotisa derecho

If this card comes out right, it is calling you to use intuition and start trusting your subconscious. Begin to pay more attention to what you dream about, to the signs because it is possible that there is a secret and you must be attentive to reveal it.

If you are a man and you get the right priestess this reveals a woman's dislike for you, and warns you not to get involved any further as you could fall into a hurricane of passion. It is a good omen when you wonder about how some things will turn out, it also represents opportunities, making it clear that better things await you later, you just have to wait.

At work it guarantees advances or new job opportunities, in turn calls for discretion, avoid divulging what you know at work, be like her , guardian of the knowledge that gives her power.

In love it is a good omen to start a romance, it indicates that a relationship will be born soon and if he finds you in courtship it is time to take the first step. If you are a woman, the popess announces a suitor who will declare herself to you, and it is important that she use wisdom and intelligence to attract the loved one.

It augurs well for the good economy, for success in business but not everything is so simple, but in order to consecrate success you must analyze each step carefully and invest in solid ideas.

The meaning of the letter in health indicates that there is a great possibility of pregnancy, although it could mean the presence of some disease, having to go to the environment to verify that everything is fine, remember the Popess tells us about secrets, in this case things you don't know about your body.


la sacerdotisa invertido

This mystical and auspicious card in the correct position, in this way calls on you to open your eyes wide, to be attentive to the signs and above all to trust your intuition. It may be that things are happening under your nose and that you are not able to see it, things that are happening, and that can affect you, and without your consent.

Learn to listen and see far beyond the obvious and what is evident before you, the popess recommends Meditation and Yoga as tools to get in tune with yourself.

Its meaning backwards at work tells us about problems in our workplace, comments and gossip from other colleagues who spread quickly, trust no one, keep a low profile until the situation can be clarified, use your intuition to determine the right moment to speak.

The reversed card in love calls on us to not let ourselves be carried away by emotions, being prudent is the key to not making hasty decisions, on the other hand we also talks about the presence of a secret within the relationship, leading the couple to lie or hide something.