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Card number 14 of the tarot is the so-called temperance card represented by a fallen angel. Their gender is not immediately obvious as it refers to the balance of the sexes that should exist.

It has one foot in the water that symbolizes the subconscious, while one remains outside touching land; It is the relationship that exists between the material world. The picture that is on his tunic has a triangle inscribed inside it that speaks about the union of the tangible earth and the Holy Trinity.

The two cups he is holding are positioned so that the two waters can be mixed; the mind and the relationship between the Super Self and the subconscious. Water flows between them, suggesting union and infinity. Everything about this card represents balance, the perfect harmony that comes from the union of dualities. His advice is to test any new water before jumping in.


The angel in the card has huge wings, and is male and female at the same time. The water that pours into the two waters symbolizes the flow and alchemy of life. His light blue robe has a triangle drawn on the chest, enclosed in a square, which means that humans are limited by the law of the natural earthl.

The angel figure balances between one foot on the rocks and the other in the water, representing the need to always be grounded while in constant flux . In the background is a path to a mountain range, reflecting the journey through life. Rising above the mountains is a golden crown shrouded in brilliant light, a symbol of taking the Higher Path and staying true to life's purpose and meaning.

the temperance tarot card

What does the Temperance card mean in the Tarot?

The meaning of the card will vary depending on the position it adopts, since the interpretation will be different, its meaning can also vary if it is combined with other tarot cards, changing its meaning completely even when it is upright.


the temperance to the right

Talk about the ability you have had to stay calm during times of stress and great anxiety. You master the art of not letting bad things affect you what allows you to achieve a marked process in all the areas that you seek to experiment.

The temperance card suggests moderation and balance accompanied by a lot of patience, it is necessary that you avoid extreme situations in any situation. Talk about the clear vision you are having that leads you to the goals you want to achieve.

You have found peace with what you are doing since everything is unfolding as it should, which will lead you to a higher learning consequence of the journey you take in life. The letter is the relationship with other people; It shows that you can adapt and work in harmony with the community, your coworkers, and your loved ones. Your calm in all matters comforts them and puts them at ease.

Temperance can indicate that it is time to take time to evaluate and re-examine the priorities you have chosen. Create a balance between your outer and inner selves so that you find greater purpose and meaning in your actions.

You are being invited to balance and ground your energy and allow the life force to flow through you without force or resistance. It's time to find your flow once again and put your life back in order and balance.

You can't let things get to you, take advantage of that abundant source of patience that comes from within. Try to maintain an even temper so you can handle your emotions easily.


the temperance inverted

If the temperance card appears inverted it alerts you that something is out of balance which may be causing you anxiety and a lot of stress. To know the real meaning of this card, others can be used to determine the area where the imbalance is being caused.

Temperance is a warning card alerting you to taking certain paths that can lead to turmoil and excess.

The lack of a long-term plan or vision can also be the meaning of reversal. This creates a lack of purpose for you, leaving you at a loss looking here and there for what you should be doing. You must reflect and think carefully about what you need to change in your life.

Remember that all things are good if they are used in moderation and you should review which aspects are causing imbalance. If you have been experiencing periods of excess, temperance reversed invites you to restore balance and moderation as quickly as possible.

The excess can be caused by eating too much, drinking regularly, buying things you can't afford, arguing with loved ones, or engaging in negative thought patterns. These activities only take you away from who you really are, so the time has come to stop and rebalance your life.

Temperance reversed may reflect a period of self-assessment so you can re-examine your life priorities. Internally you may feel a pull in one direction, but your external life may not match what you feel is emerging. Now is your chance to align your higher vibration with your outer world.