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Represented by arcane number 16, the Tower is the representation of chaos, the end of something. Destruction and divine wrath. It represents the processes that must and must come to an end so that a renewal can be given.

It has a powerful meaning, The Tower is a symbol of the rupture of processes or alliances, it announces the arrival of problems and on some occasions death. This letter calls for reconsideration about the attitudes taken, it warns you about the damage that you can do to yourself if you do not change your way of being.

It is announcing the end of an era or a stage, whether good or bad, what you are going through will come to an end, this so that you can continue. These closings bring with them teachings since it allows you to value everything you had, in all areas. Be careful and do not defy fate.


It is represented by the figure of a tower with a crown on top. Lightning hits it and detaches it from the tower, at the same time that two men fall and where only the upper part of it is affected, while its base remains, which symbolizes that there is a solid foundation in your plans and upcoming goals, but that something more is required for you to be successful.

The lightning destroys only the upper part of the tower, it represents knowledge, abundance and material power, the two men the values, this highlights the fact that there is a need to rethink the ideas, the goals, the way of acting, since it is going down the wrong path.

the tower tarot card

What does the Tower card mean in the Tarot?

The meaning of the card varies according to the position it adopts in the tarot spread, its interpretation will also change if it is related to any other card.


the tower to the right

It is one of the most feared cards in tarot reading, it is a symbol of change which in turn can lead you to failure and destruction. They are abrupt changes under special situations where renewal will take over you in order to bring harmony to your life.

Despite being a card that symbolizes destruction, failure, the end of a relationship, layoffs, death of a family and bankruptcy, this card preserves its positive side, everything will depend on the cards that accompany it in the tarot spread.

At work you must be very careful not to make mistakes and go against company rules and that this could be a test. Announces job change that could be due to dismissal without notice or forced due to external factors.

Be very cautious and avoid any type of expense, despite going through a bad situation, do not ask for loans or make investments, saving can be the way out until the times can change.

The breakup for love has arrived, if you are in a marriage it is possible that there will be a divorce if they have had many problems, the Tower is not a good card for the love. In cases where there are no breaks, doubts and intrigue within the relationship loom, there are shady moments that can darken the future of both.

Announces the arrival of moments of anguish and stress that end up deteriorating the general state, compromising health, it is necessary to cope with this situation to avoid suffering from nerves, yoga and relaxation techniques are very useful in these cases.


the tower inverted

When the tower appears inverted in the consultation, it only differs a little from the right position of this card, it tells you about the resistance that you are placing to receive these changes in your life but sooner or later they end up arriving.

The work begins to be affected by your personal problems, Much dissatisfaction with the position you occupy and with the salary although there is no risk of being fired, but most likely is that you resign on your own.

Announce that a series of emergency expenses will be presented for family reasons or to fix household appliances or the car, they will be large sums that subtract a lot from our capital. You can live in times of scarcity, it is necessary to remain calm during this period and save every last penny.

There are situations that can lead to the end of your relationship by mutual agreement, where both have decided that the relationship will not go anywhere else and that is why they end it . If you are single, it is not a good time to start a relationship.

This period you are in requires your concentration to overcome obstacles.