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The 13th major arcana of the tarot is the death card, which is a symbol of change, transmutation and begins new stages. It indicates that the time has come to close cycles and leave negative energies in the past in order to attract lighting.

In general, this card is feared but its meaning is the opposite of its name, it is the card of renewal, this as a result of the changes in the universe and its movement.

It is the letter of the liberation of the spirit, it is time to free yourself from negative charges; sadness, anguish, mourning, anger, allowing reconciliation and balance between soul, body and spirit.

The death card symbolizes the transformation of the inner self, where the ashes of the past self are necessary so that the new one can emerge in renewal.


The card of death is made up of a skeletal figure with pink bones, which symbolize human sensitivity. In her left hand she carries a scythe that cuts off the head of a child and a king, symbols of the changes that will affect everyone without making distinctions of any kind.

Her head in the form of a moon represents the night and regression. The grass that she cuts next to her head symbolizes the bad that goes away when the weeds are removed and allowing the new and good energies to flourish and the negative aspects to come out.

the death tarot card

What does the Death card mean in the Tarot?

The meaning of the card will vary depending on the position it adopts, since the interpretation will be different, its meaning can also vary if it is combined with other tarot cards, changing its meaning completely even when it is upright.


the death to the right

In a card spread when it comes out correctly, it is speaking to you of a new beginning, of an imminent change that will lead you to a transition between different stages. It announces a new stage and a new beginning, it does not symbolize death as is believed.

On the contrary, death is a positive letter that marks the beginning of something, a new relationship, job, trip, etc, and in the near future, so it is time to prepare for receive it.

At work, death portends a good time for business, ideas begin to flow and will allow you to conquer new scenarios. Doors open with new opportunities, you should not fear these changes as they are necessary. Everything you have in mind in terms of business is time to do because everything will be successful.

You will unexpectedly receive a good sum of money from a payment, interest, inheritance or profit from a business, the time has come to embark on new horizons, the wind blows in your favor, but when the card is associated with other cards, they could announce the end of a time of abundance, predicting bankruptcy.

In love, obstacles and difficulties are overcome because of what you have been going through with your partner. You must open yourself to a period of improvement and personal growth where both, as couples, will learn from each other. If you are single, love will come to your door and this person will change your life completely.

In health, death represents a speedy improvement over any illness lost strength is recovered, vitality will fill your life, under no circumstances does it represent illness, if you have thought start a new diet or begin to exercise this is the moment, since you will be able to take advantage of the positive energies that surround you to consolidate your goals.


the death inverted

This reversed card may have an ambiguous interpretation, it is not a bad omen card but it lacks positive aspects. He says that there is resistance to the changes that are coming, on many occasions these changes are necessary so that the energy can flow.

You should be cautious with money as it can be lost due to impulsive decisions for no reason, you could be part of scams or theft. It is time for you to take control of your finances, it may be that trusted people can betray you.

He strongly recommends that you look for a new job since the current one takes away your energy and does not allow you to advance, it is necessary to innovate in your work life, do not stagnate in one place where your talent is not appreciated.

In love, this card represents a breakup, there may be infidelities, deceit. If you are single, the person you are meeting may be toxic and harmful people for you. If you've been single for a long time, this is not the time to start a new romance.

It talks about possible health problems, but under no circumstances does it represent the death, neither of the client nor of someone close. You should consult a doctor to attend to your health on time, you usually leave the consultations for when it is too late, but this time it is necessary to go to a specialist, for couples looking for a baby it is not the right time since complications could arise during pregnancy.