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Like all tarot cards, the Fool has its own meaning, it is a card that represents the emotions to execute your actions, which generally end in good results. The madman is the meaning of initiative and impulses for the beginnings.

It is dual, which means that it plays with two opposite poles; the energy of chaos and harmony as the essence of being, in other words the card of the madman speaks of how wisdom and foolishness are combined to solve problems

Among tarot readers the madman is known as the crazy young man and who is separated from the rules of society, is always looking for a different path. His personality is crazy, carefree and detached from reality.

This controversial letter marks the beginning of a new path, and closing of cycles which represents a transcendental change that could determine your future.


The madman is considered a young man far from the rational side, from sanity, a bit crazy, wandering from one path to another looking for new paths. He dresses as a jester and is leaning on a cane. His attire is that of a jester representing his will as he sets out on his way to the future.

The bundle that he carries hanging on his back represents his initiative to leave his old life to seek new paths. The wolf that bites his leg represents that which prevents him from advancing, which could represent his old problems or that prevents him from advancing to uncertain paths, to nothing.

The young man appears not to live in reality or is not aware of what is happening around him, he is not governed by the laws, what is really important is him and his search for new paths without caring what others come to think of him.

It is considered the 0 card of the tarot that symbolizes a mystical character, it represents that distance that he has with the material world and the banality that surrounds him; that gives him the duality of living freely in two opposite worlds. Its essence is the representation of a thought that opposes reason, thought and consciousness.

When talking about the meaning of the tarot card the fool, it is said to be dual, it represents chaos and harmony at the same time, thus becoming the most powerful card in the tarot. His left represents the past and all the problems he carries with him, people he left behind and all the events he experienced. The right of the card is the unknown, the path to adventure, everything that has not yet been lived, what you will become in the future. Finally, the head of the madman is what has been lived, the now, everything that lives in the present.

tarot card the mad

What does the Fool card mean in the Tarot?

It is well known that each of the tarot cards has a particular representation, and that this varies depending on the position in which it appears.


tarot card the mad to the right

When this card appears right, it announces a good omen, it represents everything new, the beginning of a cycle and changes, it could symbolize the beginning of a new life, new job, new partner, new friends, new experiences.

It does not necessarily have to be something physical, it could also be announcing something transcendental for the person, a spiritual change, person, an elevation of the individual, a constant work for the transformation to take place.

For finances and business this announces a new increase or an improvement in the labor contract that influences salary >. At work, announce a new position, a promotion you've been waiting for, or the acceptance of a financial project that will open your doors.

For love it means that you are not yet ready to make commitments, it symbolizes all that immaturity that you feel to establish yourself, you prefer to continue living new experiences than make it impossible to settle down with someone.

Regarding health it warns you to avoid taking unnecessary risks, invites you to act with caution, not to be carried away by impulse and commit unnecessary imprudence that could put you at risk and alter your security.


tarot card the mad inverted

The duality of this card is present when it appears in this position, when it appears inverted it speaks of the need to seek changes, new paths and immediately. It invites you to leave behind the past and the cycles that you still drag in your present and that in a certain way stagnate you.

It refers to the excesses that you are experiencing, carelessness without having responsibility and invites you to reflect and leave all that could be weakening your spirit and thus give a radical turn to your life, close everything that is stealing your energy and focus on planning your future.

At work you may be going through a stagnation, you may not be progressing, you may not be given the paths for a promotion or the opening of something better. Alert to excessive spending and be careful with bad finances.

In love I could talk to you about the imminent loss of a relationship due to that lack of commitment. In health, it announces the possible risk of suffering some type of accident in the near future.