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The card of lovers is number 6 among the major arcana, and as its name indicates, refers to love. The lovers represent everything related to love and dedication of the couple, it is the romantic card of the tarot , but its meaning may vary depending on the position in which it appears.

The cards of lovers or lovers are the representation of attachment, union, couple relationships and decision making. Although the most logical thing is that the meaning of this letter is love, it can have different interpretations, such as that it announces making difficult or important decisions for your life.


The card of lovers, as its name indicates, shows two people, of opposite sexes who are united by the hands, and represent the union that exists between two people who are emotionally connected .

Shows the reaction between the two people. The posture of the arms shows that you are open to each other. The masculine part is attracted to the feminine part. In the feminine part, due to its greater sensitivity, the disposition to Love is seen, symbolized by an Angel.

The two lovers signify union and stability of the relationships between couples, although if this card appears inverted it announces that there is an imbalance, differences between feelings and values.

Lovers can announce that difficult or important decisions are coming up in the individual's life and even painful ones, but nevertheless, the right decision will determine an absolutely positive result for the individual.

Usually this is the union card that represents relationships that are absolutely reciprocated and balanced. Couples are an entity united by any affective bond that is related to marriages or births.

In some contexts, it also means that the individual is faced with or forced to make a really important decision that will change her life . If you ask about a particular result and this letter appears, it means that it will be absolutely satisfactory and that the objective set will be achieved without major setbacks.

the lovers tarot card

What does the Lovers card mean in the Tarot?

It is arcane number 6 in the tarot, it is the representation of love, union, effective ties and decisions that transform your life. But its meaning varies depending on the position.


the lovers to the right

When the card for lovers appears right, it is announcing the consolidation of the couple through marriage or the early arrival of children. You will have very solid and good affective relationships, to give way to a much more stable life as a couple.

If you still don't have a partner, this is about to change, you will meet someone who will generate a strong emotional and passionate attachment in you. It represents a blissful relationship full of respect, love, and passion. In the event that individuals have to make the decision to return to their ex-partner or move on, it may be linked to the fact that they are given another chance.

The time has come for the business to start and for the roads to open up for you, a very good time to do business with couples, friends or family. You could be about to establish an affective relationship with a co-worker.

A good omen for business, it is time to invest in money as the future is encouraging. It can also indicate some carelessness in relation to money when immersed in romantic love. Take good care of business, maintain a clear position without spending too much.

Pay attention to nutritional requirements by consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals, you may be physically exhausted. Likewise, it is vitally important to maintain an absolutely balanced diet, with the correct calorie intake, as well as measured hydration.


the lovers inverted

When lovers are reversed, it announces the lack of harmony and imbalance of feelings, it is not totally negative but rather a call for attention. It could be that you are going through a stage where you have doubts and question yourself on all sentimental issues. If you have a partner, it may alert you to a possible infidelity.

In some cases it tells us about unrequited feelings or unequals within the same relationship, so it is best to see what are the other cards that accompany Los Inverted lovers.

At work it announces envy, possible disputes and fights in relationships that could be linked to a possible unexpected betrayal that affects your feelings and your stability. You could be tempted towards a co-worker who could cause problems.

Take control of your finances and of each of the expenses you are making, since they could cause you problems and loss of money, so you should rely on your partner business to settle and avoid embezzlement.

Indicates that the person has low self-esteem as well as any kind of physical ailment. It can indicate sadness for a failure or a disappointment in love.